We are all capable of reinvention.


Design Thinking can help everyone form the kind of lifelong habits that solve problems, achieve goals and help make our lives better. Bernard Roth- Stanford engineering professor


Scientifically proven design thinking based Life Design – Trainer certified by IDEO- award-winning design & innovation firm



This program is  meant to help people apply the principles of design thinking— a strategy for improving on a product or experience — to their personal and professional lives.

The emphasis will be mainly on designing your career and your job. It´s  about working from where you are and with what you have to design and build a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life and career, one that is aligned with your values, beliefs, and interests.


Our Programe


Moment 1

  • Empathize

  • Understand Yourself

  • On-line Session

  • Moment 2

  • Design thinking

  • 1 day presential session

  • 6 step process